Random Chat at Luvtel
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Random Chat Update – find matches in Selected country

Last week, we launched Random chat functionality on Luvtel. The response has been overwhelming from Luvtel. We are delighted for the positive feedback for this feature from our community. At the same time, we are committed to bringing the relevant feature updates as quickly as possible to the App.

When Random chat was launched, Chris M requested to enhance the feature with a filter to select a country in the random Match settings. What this means is, if you are interested in being randomly matched with people from country then you will be able to do so in the new update.

As an Example, if John resides in USA and would like to be randomly matched anywhere in Australia, the recent feature will allow John to select Australia in the random chat settings and will only show profiles from Australia in Random matches.

How to use this Random Chat Country Feature is explained below.

Firstly, go to the Random Chat settings From the Random Chat Page by clicking / Tapping on the Random Chat Settings icon (see image below)

Now you will see the Random Chat settings page. The Random chat country filter is optional and by default is set to Any. What this means is, by default your random matching will be done from all around the world.

If you would like to be randomly matched with people from a particular country, then click the Random Country drop down, select the country of your choice and save. Look at the below image for reference.

In the example above, the user wants to be matched anyone from United States of America.

That is all, as simple as it gets. Have lots of random fun!